Monthly Archives: April 2013


Shabaab claimed it killed five Kenyan soldiers in Jannaale and eight more in Kismayo. Somali troops killed five Shabaab fighters after taking control of El Garas. The Puntland government executed 13 Shabaab fighters in Bosasso.


Gilles Le Guen, a French jihadist suspected of participating in the attack on the In Amenas gas facility in Algeria earlier this year, was arrested in northern Mali a few days ago. Le Guen, a.k.a. Abdel Jelil, is being interrogated by the French military before being turned over to Malian forces.

United States

Investigators in the Boston Marathon bombing case found female DNA on one of the bombs, and collected material from the home of the widow of Tamarlan Tsarnaev, one of the bombers. Russian officials said Tamarlan was in contact with two North Caucasus militants, Mansur Makhmud Nidal, a jihadist recruiter from Dagestan, and William Plotnikov, a […]


A bomb in Peshawar killed at least nine people, including two Afghan officials, and injured over 60 more. Unidentified gunmen attacked a NATO container truck in Jamrud, killing the driver. Four bombs leveled a boys’ school in Bannu. Security forces arrested eight Taliban members in Karachi’s Maripur area and seized “tennis balls bombs” and a […]


A civilian cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff at Bagram Field, killing all seven people on board. Joint security forces arrested a Haqqani Network leader in Khost, a Taliban leader and Taliban facilitator in Kandahar, and confirmed the death of an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader in Baghlan on April 9.