FBI ‘murdered’ radical Detroit imam, according to AP


Luqman Ameen Abdullah. Photo from the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Fox News.

According to the Associated Press, the FBI “murdered” Luqman Ameen Abdullah, the leader of a mosque in Detroit and a radical sect called Ummah during a raid on a warehouse. On Oct. 30 The Associated Press published an article, titled “Murdered Imam’s Followers Deny FBI Radical Claims.” And lest this be considered a case of bad headline writing, the claim is repeated in the first sentence of the article:

A mosque on Friday dismissed as “utterly preposterous” the FBI’s allegations that its murdered leader was part of a radical Islamic group.

The good news is that an alliance of Muslim groups, including the notorious jihad-friendly Council on American-Islamic Relations, is calling for an investigation into the “murder”:

In Washington, a group called the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections called for an independent investigation of Abdullah’s death.

The group is an umbrella organization whose members include the American Muslim Alliance, American Muslims for Palestine and Council on American-Islamic Relations.

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  • Tim Sumner says:

    I saw the Detroit Free Press used the same terminology in a headline about the shooting but the DFP has long been a socialist rag. As AP does not control the headline used by Fox News and its other users, Fox should have used scare quotes.
    The real story here is some imply because Abdullah was shot multiple times, it was overkill. Ha! He fired on police and obviously they (plural) quickly, accurately, assuredly, and justifiably returned fire. Adbullah would likely have died of lead poisoning or the loss of blood even if they hit nothing vital. Put a dress on him, call him ‘Bonnie,’ and bury him deep.

  • T Ruth says:

    I still feel for the poor, loyal service dog that was murdered; above wearing his religion on his sleeve, as i’m sure he was.

  • Rhyno327 says:

    If he fired on the feds, it was probably a tac team, those guys probably stiched him up real good. Wat would YOU do? Damn, he’s goin down, and I believe this “man” had it coming. Sharia in the US? Weapons? Mission accomplished here, but there’s more to do. They shoot at you, you blast away. Thats that. So, stop WHINING. Go live in PAK, or Iran, etc…ur NOT welcome here.

  • Dan A says:

    He made his bed and he has to sleep in it. His bed happens to be 6 feet under. Tough luck sport.

  • KW64 says:

    Investigation is fine. The real question is whether the AP will give equal play to an exoneration of the FBI if that is what the investigation shows. I doubt that it will.
    I also hope that the Imam’a followers are prepared to accept the result of the investigation whichever way it goes. I doubt they are.

  • MILNEWS.ca says:

    As for the dead guy, if he shot at police, well, if you play with bulls, beware the horns…
    What I find interesting about the AP story is that in versions of the Associated Press story appearing in other media outlets:
    the word “slain” is used, consistently.
    I have a slightly different question: Why is the FOX News’ version different from all the other ones out there? Could be an overzealous re-write at FOX, could be older versions I haven’t been able to find had “murdered” and switched, or something else.


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