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Iraqi Air Force fires Hellfire from an AC-208


US Air Force Air Advisors of the 321st Air Expeditionary Wing marked an Advise, Train, Assist and Equip milestone recently, highlighting the success of their Iraqi Air Force counterparts following the second-ever Hellfire rocket launch from an Iraqi Air Force AC-208 Cessna Caravan. On Nov. 8, an Iraqi Air Force AC-208 Cessna Caravan aircrew fired a Hellfire missile at a target on the Aziziyah Training Range south of Baghdad, scoring a direct hit and destroying the target. Iraqi Airmen have trained continuously for the Hellfire mission, mastering the weapons load, target attack, and airmanship skills necessary to maintain proficiency since completing their first Hellfire launch in 2009, which also resulted in a direct hit of a training target. US Army photo by Sergeant Brandon Bolick.

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