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Iraq Report: Body of missing soldier recovered

No major events occurred in Baghdad today - the two big news stories occurred in Fallujah and in northern Babil province. Multinational Forces Iraq confirmed that it has indeed recovered the body of one of the three missing soldiers near Mussayab, while al Qaeda plowed a suicide car bomber into a funeral procession in Fallujah.

The body of Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr. was found by Iraqi civilians floating in the Euphrates River yesterday. Pfc. Anzack appeared to have been dead for several days, and his body showed signs of torture, and there were gunshots to the head and chest. Specialist Alex R. Jimenez and Private Byron W. Fouty are still listed as missing, and the military denied reports that surfaced yesterday that two other bodies have been recovered. Al Qaeda has still not released a videotape of the soldier™s capture, interrogation or torture, and hope of finding the two soldiers fades as each day passes.

In Fallujah, al Qaeda attacked friends and family attending the funeral of Allawi al-Isawi. A suicide bomber rammed in the funeral gathering and murdered 25 and wounded another 30 mourners. Mr. Isawi was a leader in the Anbar Salvation Council, the grouping of former insurgents and tribal leaders that have banded together to fight al Qaeda. He was also a member of the Albu Issa tribe, part of which is actively fighting al Qaeda in the eastern regions of Anbar province, and which have been the subject of repeated al Qaeda attacks.

Coalition forces captured 15 members of al Qaeda™s network during raids in Salman Pak, Karma, Amiriya and Mosul. Iraqi National Police captured 3 wanted insurgents in Jisay in Diyala province. The men were "wanted for murder, kidnapping and displacing Shiia families."

In the north, insurgents conducted a successful strike against Iraqi™s oil infrastructure. "Insurgents planted a bomb in the well," in a field near Kirkuk, an unnamed Iraqi Army officer told AFP. Insurgents have repeated attacked the pipeline running from Kirkuk into Turkey, but this is the first time a well head was targeted.

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