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Iraq Report: Baghdad attacks

In Baghdad, after a lull in major attacks over the past several days, there were two high profile bombings and a kidnapping of foreign workers in the capital today. One bombing occurred at a Shia mosque in the Amil neighborhood in the western Rashid district. A suicide car bomber killed 10Iraqis and wounded at least 35 in the attack. The second bombing occurred in central Baghdad in a largely Shia neighborhood. "At least 22 people were killed and 55 wounded when a parked minibus exploded in central Baghdad," Al Jazeera reported. "The bomb went off in a busy commercial area where many day labourers, mostly Shias, often wait for work."

IraqSlogger noted there have been conflicting accounts in the kidnapping reports from Baghdad. Early reports indicated a small number of German advisers to the Ministry of Higher Education were abducted by several dozen men dressed in Iraqi Police uniforms. Now, it appears that "five Brits had been abducted, including four bodyguards and a finance expert" were captured, but the reports of several Germans captured still persists.

Today's attacks occur as Iraqi and Coalition forces continue clearing operations in the Baghdad districts. U.S. and Iraqi security forces recently started clearing operations in the East Rashid district (note that today's suicide attack occurred in West Rashid.) Also, clearing operations were conducted in the northern section of the Adhamiyah District May 26. The newly formed and yet to reported on 3rd "War Eagle" Battalion,1st Brigade of the 11th Iraqi Army Division participated in the operation. Nine insurgents were detained.

On Monday, Task Force 145 captured 9 al Qaeda during raids in Mosul and Haditha. The Haditha raid netted "a Syrian suspected of facilitating foreign fighters and his Iraqi liaison." Today, Coalition forces captured 14 al Qaeda during raids in Baghdad, Mosul, Fallujah and Taji. The Baghdad raid resulted in the capture of the "al-Qaeda in Iraq emir in charge of the Hay al-Jamah area of the city,"while the Mosul raid resulted in the detention of "the emir of Ansar al-Sunna in Mosul until he fled to Syria in 2005." The Iraqi Police also captured 9 al Qaeda suspects in Samarra after a tip from an anonymous informant.

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