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Syrian rebels launch attacks near the capital

The Associated Press reports on attempts by Syrian rebels to take control of areas north of Damascus.

READER COMMENTS: "Syrian rebels launch attacks near the capital"

Posted by blert at December 21, 2012 7:12 PM ET:

I'd really appreciate it if the media were to dig into just how much longer Assad & Co. can pay its bills.

For it would seem that Syria's economy is in a tailspin -- taking tax revenue with it.

Is Syria getting 'free' crude oil from Russia?

For, without it, how can Assad's military continue to roll.

IIRC, Syria has but one significant oil refinery, near the coast.

Because of international politics, she seems to have virtually no oil production. (The West has discouraged oil firms from pumping up the dictatorship.)

US surveys performed over Iraq detail oil deposits/prospects right up to the Syrian border.

(Al Anbar has excellent oil prospects.)


Scud launches imply that Assad's air force is demoralized. SA-24, SA-18 ManPADs may be grounding his helicopter forces.

In the modern era, that normally spells the end game.

Posted by Ali Taj at December 22, 2012 4:40 AM ET:

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