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Lara Logan of CBS News on al Qaeda and Afghanistan

CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan addresses the Better Government Association's annual luncheon. Her speech included several blistering critiques of US government assertions about the state of al Qaeda and other extremist groups in Afghanistan, and she offered the following as part of the rationale for her recent 60 Minutes report on the topic: "I have never missed a year of the Afghan War ... and I knew that we were being lied to, and the American people were being misled, and when it comes to issues that I care about, like issues of national security, I don't think that politics should dictate your national security policy. And I don't know a journalist that likes being lied to, so that really set us on this path."

For more information, see Threat Matrix: Reports of al Qaeda, Taliban defeats are 'a major lie,' says CBS reporter

READER COMMENTS: "Lara Logan of CBS News on al Qaeda and Afghanistan"

Posted by Zeddez at October 10, 2012 10:37 PM ET:

A crank? A Cassandra? Either way, unfortunately, it does not matter.

Many things would have to change in the world for her to keep her current job with CBS. My guess (À la Juan Williams): she will be working for the likes of Fox News in one year - or not in any US based news organization.

Excellent work Lara, and best of luck.

Posted by Cubops at October 10, 2012 11:26 PM ET:

Maybe another Oriana Fallaci here?

Posted by Last Man at October 11, 2012 4:36 AM ET:

Window is closed to do anything effective in FATA now anyway, only chance was option of few years ago to arm non-Talibs and set them lose on the ISI's pets.

Now get the hell out immediately, no political games to 2014. Once out we can calibrate policy appropriately. Enemy Pakistan is responsible for their proxies. Pakistan gets the consequences. The U.S. can deal far more damage to an enemy than some TLAM attack on empty buildings at 3 am or short out electricity a few days dropping graphite filaments power lines.