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Syrian rebels attack government position

A video shows Syrian rebels attacking a Syrian military position "in what the cameraman claims is Idlib province," according to the UK Telegraph. The rebels appear to detonate an IED near a truck attached to a unit of tanks. Separate footage shows rebel fighters engaging government forces with small arms.

READER COMMENTS: "Syrian rebels attack government position"

Posted by Gary Hobin at July 24, 2012 1:43 PM ET:

Assuming this video is authentic and portrays an actual attack (vice a staged event a la Hizbullah) the "Syrian rebels" seen in the video show considerable discipline. No "spray and pray" shooting, use of fire discipline, carefully sighted single shots. Implication: increasing level of violence will not eliminate the insurrection and we're in for a long Syrian "Arab Spring." That may be a blinding flash of the obvious to many -- but alas not all.