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Shabaab targets base where US soldier died with suicide bombing

One day after Shabaab launched a deadly assault in which one US service member was killed, the al Qaeda branch…

US Special Forces soldier killed in Shabaab ambush

At least four other US Special Forces personnel, as well as a Somali special forces soldier, were also wounded. The…

US kills 27 Shabaab terrorists in rare northern Somalia strike

A strike that far north, particularly with such a high casualty count, demonstrates the alarming geographic span of Shabaab's insurgency…

US strikes Shabaab again outside Mogadishu

The strike killed 12 Shabaab terrorists.

Shabaab video details assassination unit in Mogadishu

The video is one of the first times that the Somali jihadist group has highlighted its assassinations within Mogadishu.

US forces hit Shabaab outside Somali capital

On Wednesday, US forces conducted an airstrike 15 miles southwest of the Somali capital Mogadishu against al Qaeda's branch in…

Somali intelligence agency arrests two Islamic State members in Mogadishu

The arrests come a month after another Islamic State member was arrested in Mogadishu. Additionally, the Islamic State also claimed…

US Military reviews possible civilian casualties in Yemen, Somalia

Two regional combatant commands acknowledged reports of civilian casualties in recent operations.