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Islamic State claims first attack in Mozambique

It is not immediately clear if today's statement represents a legitimate claim from Mozambique.

AFRICOM hits Shabaab, Islamic State in Somalia

AFRICOM has stepped up its targeting of the Islamic State, and continues to pursue its efforts to "degrade" al Qaeda's…

Shabaab official justifies attacks on civilians while preaching the sanctity of Muslim blood

In a new audio address, Shabaab's Abu ‘Abdurahman Mahad Warsame warns jihadists that they should avoid spilling the blood of…

Examining the Global Terrorism Landscape

Bill Roggio testifies before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa and International Terrorism,…

US hits Islamic State in Northern Somalia

The US military launched its second strike against the Islamic State's network in northern Somalia in the past two weeks.

US airstrike targets Shabaab in terror haven

The strike takes place as US and African Union backed Somali forces attempt to wrest territory held by Shabaab. US…

Shabaab continues to target Mogadishu with car bombs

At least 15 people were killed yesterday when Shabaab, al Qaeda's branch in East Africa, detonated a car bomb on…

Shabaab assassinates Deputy Labor Minister in Mogadishu

Shabaab's suicide assault killed the Deputy Minister and 14 others in Mogadishu.