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Hezbollah commemorates last year’s joint operation with Lebanese, Syrian militaries

Despite official Lebanese claims to the contrary, the photos recently released by Hezbollah offer more evidence of how its forces…

Houthi leader again promises to take part in any future conflict between Hezbollah and Israel

Abdel Malek al Houthi, the leader of Yemen's Houthi insurgent group, again promises to send fighters to battle alongside Hezbollah…

Al Qaeda-linked Lebanese jihadist eulogizes Palestinian figure killed in Syria

Abu Muhammad al Filistini, the recently killed leader of a Palestinian jihadist faction in Syria, was recently eulogized by a…

Palestinian jihadist group in Syria issues call to arms to refugee camp in Lebanon

The leader of Saraya Ghuraba Filistin invites Lebanese jihadists, and specifically other Palestinians in the Ain el Helwe refugee camp,…

Hezbollah touts prisoners freed from HTS in Syria

The Shiite jihadists were freed as part of a ceasefire deal with Sunni jihadists in the Lebanon-Syria border region.

Hezbollah announces ceasefire with Sunni jihadists near Arsal

The ceasefire comes just one day after Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah touted his forces imminent victory in the Jurud Arsal…

HTS shoots down armed Hezbollah drone in western Syria

The video offers more visual confirmation of Hezbollah's capabilities for armed commercial drones.

Hezbollah issues ultimatum to Sunni jihadists in Arsal battle

The Shiite jihadist group offers safety to the Sunni militants in Arsal if they "throw down their weapons and surrender."