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Al Qaeda linked to more than 250 West African attacks in 2016

With at least 257 al Qaeda-linked attacks in Mali and its neighboring countries, this represents a significant uptick in the…

Al Qaeda has launched more than 100 attacks in West Africa in 2016

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and associated groups have unleashed a string of attacks in Mali and elsewhere in…

AQIM claims attack on Algerian gas plant

AQIM says the attack is meant to show that it can target Algeria in "whatever area we want, and to…

AQIM targets beach resort in Ivory Coast

Al Qaeda continues to prioritize targeting hotels, which are considered soft targets, across the African continent. AQIM has launched assaults…


Interactive: France's new game plan to counter jihadism in Africa


France to bolster military presence in Africa

Treasury designates Hezbollah operatives in West Africa

The Treasury Department designated four Hezbollah operatives based in West Africa. The operatives are said to have helped Hezbollah in…

South Sudan

Blue helmet drones? UN prepares to send drones over Africa