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Arsonists targeted the offices of a newspaper in Hamburg that had reprinted cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed after the terrorist attack on a satirical magazine in Paris; two suspects were arrested. Justice Minister Maas urged organizers of an anti-Islamization rally scheduled for Jan. 12 to cancel the event; a large government-sponsored rally in Dresden yesterday […]


Federal prosecutors charged a 36-year-old German man and a 27-year-old Turkish citizen with belonging to Junud al Sham, a foreign terror group in Syria. The two had traveled to Syria in 2013, trained with the group, and fought there. Justice Minister Heiko Maas called the terrorist attack against a magazine in Paris “an attack against […]


Terror Expert Louise Shelley: ‘Islamic State Is a Diversified Criminal Operation’


Islamic State Militant Seeks Chechen Wife For 15-Year-Old Child Fighter