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Yemen strikes wane, but AQAP still poses “a significant threat”

The United States has conducted 36 strikes in Yemen in 2018, roughly a quarter of last year's record high of…

US Military reviews possible civilian casualties in Yemen, Somalia

Two regional combatant commands acknowledged reports of civilian casualties in recent operations.

CENTCOM: Three senior Islamic State foreign fighters killed

CENTCOM announced today that "three senior foreign fighters" in the Islamic State were killed in recent weeks. Two of them…

Tabqah, Syria liberated from the Islamic State

The city of Tabqah and the surrounding area have fallen to US-backed forces. The Islamic State had controlled the city,…

Al Qaeda criticizes American raid in Yemen

The seventh issue of Al Qaeda's Al Nafir Bulletin, which was released earlier today, denounced the recent American counterterrorism raid…

CENTCOM sites hacked, publish pro-Islamic State propaganda

Hacker(s) purportedly serving the Islamic State took over CENTCOM's official Twitter feed and YouTube page on Monday.