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Jihadists launch coordinated assault in Burkina Faso

The coordinated assault blamed on jihadists has left nearly a dozen Burkinabe soldiers dead.

Suspected jihadists launch jailbreak in southern Mali

No one has claimed the assault, but Ansar Dine was behind a jailbreak last month.

AQIM claims two attacks in northern Mali

The two attacks, including a suicide bombing, targeted foreign bases at airports in northern Mali. Al Qaeda has launched more…

Ansar Dine claims string of attacks across Mali

The total number of al Qaeda-linked attacks in Mali in 2016 now sits at 203.

Tuareg leader honored in eulogy attributed to Mokhtar Belmokhtar

On Oct. 9, a statement attributed to Mokhtar Belmokhtar was circulated online. The message eulogizes Sheikh Ag Aoussa, a prominent…

Ansar Dine claims series of attacks in northern Mali

The Tuareg al Qaeda front claimed a coordinated assault on UN troops yesterday in northern Mali, which included two separate…

Ansar Dine shows spoils taken in central Mali

The video shows the aftermath of an ambush on Malian troops in central Mali last month. The jihadist group's two…

Jihadists reportedly capture town in central Mali

Jihadists have reportedly gained control over the town of Boni after the military retreated. Additionally, today's spate of attacks in…