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Jihadist released photos from 'Islamic State of Timbuktu'


On Nov. 6, a jihadist released photographs from the "Islamic State of Timbuktu," one of several towns in northern Mali now under control of al Qaeda-linked Islamist groups. Two of the photographs (reproduced above) show an armored vehicle with al Qaeda's black flag flying above it. The photographs are provided by the SITE Intelligence Group.

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READER COMMENTS: "Jihadist released photos from 'Islamic State of Timbuktu'"

Posted by PS at November 19, 2012 12:13 AM ET:

Showing pictures is a clear sign they want a few things:
1) financial support from the AQ in the Sahel.
2) To show of with gov. equipment,means to intimidate,and attract others
3) To subvert the local population
4) Making this pictures public,(thus letting the media know about it) means AQ operatives are trying to attract some heat from hellfire missiles,furthermore to attract the support they long asked for: financial,operational,training.
I believe this is not AQ,but and AQ simpathizer,who like others would love to have grab the power from the local authorities.

An obscure entity does not make anything public unless they have a reason.I believe above are the main reasons.

To fix this resurgence ,US and it's global allies in CT operations must win local tribal support,in order to conduct ct ops.If this is not treated this area will attract some celebrities in a year or so..

Posted by Render at November 28, 2012 8:35 AM ET:

Very elderly BTR-60PB, in parade trim (paint and whitewalls). Made between 1976 and 1986. Central tire inflation system seems to have failed. Mali purchased ten from the Soviet Union in 1982.

Apparently they now have nine left...