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'You Looking at Me?'


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A picture from a slideshow at the The [UK] Telegraph, "The 2012 Army Photographic Competition Awards:"

Taken during a combined operation with the Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP) in Helmand during Operation Herrick 15. The operation was to identify, clear and establish a compound within a contested area for use by the AUP. Once a suitable vacant compound was located, and cleared, Afghan Uniformed Police, supported by British troops located in the compound as the Afghans fortified their positions. The police were very heavily armed and in sufficient numbers to make an impact within the local community. This portrait shows one of the AUP with his weapon, an AK-47 variant with an additional under slung grenade launcher attached. The weapon is loaded and in the tradition of many Afghans, is decorated with whatever he can get his hands on, in this case a label from a discarded water bottle. Picture: SSgt Nesbit RLC/MoD/Mandatory Credit Crown Copyright via Getty Images.

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