Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle (OOB)

What is an Order of Battle?

An Order of Battle (OOB) is a standard military terminology for the description of a military organization. It presents which units exist, how are they organized (command structure, subordinate/superior relationships, equipment) and their responsibilities (geographic area, operation capabilities).

What are the Iraq Security Forces?

Iraqi and Coalition forces Order of Battle as of April 30, 2009.

The intent of this OOB is to present all the security forces that are under the official control of the Iraqi government. The OOB includes regular Army, Special Forces, Navy, Air Force, national and local police, and border security units. The OOB does not include militias, insurgents forces or foreign forces that are not under the official control of Iraqi government.

How was the Iraq Security Forces Order of Battle created?

The Preface "Forming the Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle," explains the methods and sources used.

Table of Contents, Iraqi Order of Battle as of April 30, 2009:

Preface: Forming the Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle [PDF]
• Methods
• Sources

Page 1: Iraqi Order of Battle (OOB) Index Page [PDF]

Page 2: Definitions [PDF]

Page 3: Iraqi National Operational Command (NOC)/Joint Forces Command (JFC) [PDF]
• Joint Forces Command (JFC)
• Iraqi Support Command (ISC)
• Iraqi Training and Doctrine Command (ITDC)
• Iraqi Ground Forces Command (IGFC)

Page 4: Iraqi Army Quick Reaction Forces (QRF) [PDF]
• Quick Intervention Corps / IGFC
• 1st (Iraqi Reaction Force) Motorized Division
• 4th Motorized Division
• 7th Infantry Division
• 9th Armored Division

Page 5: Iraqi Army Northern Forces [PDF]
• ? Corps / IGFC (forming)
• 2nd Motorized Division
• 3rd Motorized Division
• 12th Infantry Division
• 15th Mountain Division (transfer from KRG)
• 16th Mountain Division (transfer from KRG)

Page 6: Iraqi Army Central Forces [PDF]
• ? Corps / IGFC (forming)
• 5th (Iron) Motorized Division
• 6th Motorized Division
• 11th Infantry Division
• 17th Commando Division

Page 7: Iraqi Army Southern Forces [PDF]
• ? Corps / IGFC (forming)
• 8th Motorized Division
• 10th Motorized Division
• 14th (Mustafa) Motorized Division
• 18th Division (planned)

Page 8: Iraqi Air, Naval and Marine Forces [PDF]
• Iraqi Air Force (IZAF)
• Iraqi Navy (IZN) and Marine Corps (IZM)

Page 9: Counter-Terrorism Bureau and Joint Commands [PDF]
Iraqi Counter-Terrorist Bureau (CTB)
• Iraqi Counter-Terrorist Command (CTC)
• Iraqi Special Operations Force (ISOF)
Joint Operational Commands
• Anbar Operational Command (AOC)
• Baghdad Operational Command (BOC)
• Basrah Operational Command (BaOC)
• Diyala Operational Command (DOC)
• Karbala Operational Command (KOC)
• Ninawa Operational Command (NiOC)
• Samarra Operational Command (SOC)

Page 10: Ministry of Interior Units (MOI): INP and Provincial [PDF]
• Iraqi National Command Center (NCC)
Iraqi National Police (INP)
• 1st National Police Division
• 2nd National Police Division
• 3rd National Police Division
• 4th National Police Division
• 5th Mechanized National Police Division (planned)
MoI Provincial Paramilitary Police
Ministry of Interior Region 1
• Kurdish Regional Guards Special Police Division
Ministry of Interior Region 2
• Ninawa Emergency Police Force
Ministry of Interior Region 3
• Baghdad Emergency Police Force (Division)
• Diyala Emergency Police Force
• Wassit Emergency Police Force
• Anbar Provincial Security Force (Division)
Ministry of Interior Region 4
Ministry of Interior Region 5

Page 11: Ministry of Interior Units (MoI): DBE and FPS/OPD [PDF]
Department of Border Enforcement
I Border Police Region
II Border Police Region
III Border Police Region
IV Border Police Region
V Border Police Region
Facilities Protection Service/Oil Police Directorate

Page 12: Iraqi Police [PDF]

Page 13: Table of Organization/Equipment [PDF]

Page 14 - Notes [PDF]

Page 15 - Equipment [PDF]
Ground Equipment

Page 16 - Related Articles and Monthly Updates [PDF]