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March 7, 2005

TAPPED weighs in on Easongate

The American Prospect weighs in on Easongate in an article titled Blogged Down, by Garance Franke-Ruta. Only one word is fit to descibe this article:


Here is my email response to Garance Franke-Ruta:

Well, Garance, I cannot say I am surprised by the article in The American Prospect.

I never expected to be treated fairly by your magazine, and the portrayal of Easongate was about what I expected. Even so, I decided to grant you the interview in the hope you may actually listen to the remarkable story of the creation of our site.

It really is a shame TAP cannot objectively report about the formation of Easongate. We are accused of acting in a political manner. Mike Krempasky and Lashawn Barber both came aboard two days prior to Eason's resignation - 4 days after the formation of Easongate - and their involvement in the decision making was limited to some posts and advice on the site™s operations. But TAP exaggerates their influence and downplays the other members of the group. Your depiction of us as "right-wing" bloggers is unfair and oh-so-predictable, it is laughable. Heavens forbid we could be called citizens disgusted by the attacks Eason Jordan had made (numerous times) on American soldiers.

I was very honest with you. Speaking to you on the phone, you seem like a very nice person. It is a shame you or your editor had to distort the formation of Easongate to fit your preconceived notions of a political hit machine. If this was your editor's doing, then you should be ashamed to put your name over this piece.

Liberals wonder why those to the right of them see media bias. The answer is simple, as your article quite clearly demonstrates. The media talks about the wonders of editorial oversight. At least when you read my work, you know it is my own, and not the words and distortions from an editor on high.

Kindest Regards,

Bill Roggio

the fourth rail (http://billroggio.com)


Blackfive weighs in at his site, and rightly notes that Cheryl was not brought in by him. In fact, Cheryl contacted me the Friday I posted at The Fourth Rail asking for assistance. That she knew Matt was merely a coincidence.

Cheryl eloquently posts her first article at Easongate to respond to Garance's hit piece.

Mike Krempasky replies at Redstate and addresses Garances obvious smears.

Brian Scott replies as well at The Blue States Conservatives.

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