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February 10, 2005

A Sledgehammer Wielded With Love

So the responses here from LaShawn, Chester, and Bill to Jim Geraghty's post have been comprehensive.

So far, my job here at EasonGate has been to alert veterans groups to EasonGate and the petition. It is an emotional issue for us veterans...just as John Kerry's candidacy was an emotional issue for us. You've got men and women away from their families, being paid a pitiance, trying to finish the nearly-impossible job that they were given, and the Chief News Executive of CNN accuses them of atrocities - without providing proof, without being held accountable for his statements.

I don't think that Jim Geraghty was pointing his post at us. After all, I think our purpose statement sums up our intent quite clearly. But, of course, we all have different internal desires while embracing our purpose and wanting the same outcome.

Me? I just want Eason Jordan jobless. I want his ability to use undue influence on the media eliminated.

He has a track record of making totally biased, inaccurate, and ludicrous statements with regards to the American military. This is the second time that Mr. Jordan alledgely accused the American military of intentionally targeting journalists.

He was also involved in making a deal with Saddam to NOT report his atrocities in return for access in Iraq for CNN. He has stated that he approved this action in order to protect his journalists. I have a significant problem with someone of Jordan's stature that exibits blatant moral equivalency and then casts baseless accusations while hiding from the truth.

This is the Chief News Executive of CNN that we are talking about here - not the left-wing rep on Crossfire or the latest radio line-up on Air America. And he's giving Al Qaeda and Al Jazeera propaganda ammunition.

I'm aboard this blog for Mat, Zach, and Bobby. Jordan is besmirching their work and their reputations without offering a shred of proof. They deserve the truth to be exposed. And, if these allegations about the statements made by Jordan porve to be true, he deserves unemployment.

I don't expect everyone to approve of my motivation. But now, at least, you know what it is.

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