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February 7, 2005

Update on video availability

Rebbeca MacKinnon over at Rconversations is a recovering journalist turned blogger who attended the WEF in Davos. She has a recent update regarding the video that doesn't bode well. Please read the whole thing. Aparently there is a loophole in the on/off the record policy desipte it's clarity.

Here are the rules:

'On and Off the Record™ Policy for AM 2005

All plenary sessions are fully 'on™ the record.

All sessions that are broadcast or webcast are 'on the record™ (for 2005 that means all sessions in the Congress Hall or Sanada 1 and 2)

Every other session is only 'on the record™ in terms of content. That is to say what was said can be reported - but it must not be attributed to any individual. However, should the journalist get the agreement of any participant to be quoted that is of course acceptable.

Naturally, all private meetings are off the record.

This policy is clear and simple and allows greater transparency. It can also be very simply and effectively enforced. Any transgression will lead to immediate withdrawal of badge and any future access to World Economic Forum events.

She did inquire about the video and rules and got a response back from WEF's Mark Adams who stated:

My understanding was that since this session was not webcast or broadcast it was 'off the record'

Certainly, no announcement was made at the begining of the session - as far as I remember - that it would be on the record.

In any case - a session summary is available on our website and we will not be trying to get a transcript of the session.

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