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February 15, 2005

Tonight on the MSM

Glenn Reynolds has an Easongate link roundup of Monday evening's talk shows, including a panel at Kudlow & Company, Rony Abovitz's appearance on The O'Reily Factor, and a discussion at Hannity & Colmes. Money quote from Bob Beckel (transcript here):

BECKEL: And we allowed bloggers, who have no rules of engagement except to shoot first and ask questions later, to rule journalism.

Glenn also links to an article by Jack Shafer of Slate, who states Eason Jordan should have been fired, and inquires about the tape.

Hugh Hewitt was interviewed by the BBC's Judy Swallow. Hugh states the focus was the blogger's credibility, not the assualt on our military, Eason Jordan's remarks, the media's intransigence in investigating or the current cover up of a tape.

"Once again the refrain from old media is not to focus on what Jordan said in Davos --or in Portugal-- but on the credentials or lack thereof of the bloggers."

Dan Abram's of MSMBC fears the blogger, not the lack of concern of the media about what really happened at Davos:

"This makes me nervous." "This is blogger editorialist demanding action based on comments that haven't even been verified."

Some people are concerned that a videotape of the event exists, and the media as a whole is disinterested. The media's need to attack bloggers who pursue the truth makes many of us us nervous. The lack of integrity from the media makes us nervous. Their willingness to casually accept, without evidence, that our soldiers intentionally target journalists makes us angry.

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