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February 7, 2005

Premature breakfast?

Could Eason Jordan be "toast" as Hugh Hewitt claims?

Go read this entry over at Kerry Spot and you tell me. Here are some of the more juicy bits.

there's two more witnesses that indicate that Jordan said what he's alleged to have said, and that while he backtracked, apparently the backtracking left the audience confused.

I assume he means Rebbeca MacKinnon and Rony Abovitz.

"Gergen says he has been contacted by four mainstream media outlets, including the Washington Post, about the controversy. He noted that the Post was going to run a story last week but did not.

Sounds like this is going to break open soon.

"Here, we bloggers are still missing a vital piece of evidence to get to the bottom of this: A videotape or transcript of the event. The videotape is this controversy's Burkett memo. That tape is in the hands of someone in Davos. And they're reconsidering the decision to release it."

So there is a tape! We eagerly await it's release. Let's hope it's soon and without alot of editing hiccups.

"At stake in this one is whether CNN's top guy spreads rumors about U.S. troops, speaking before an audience that included many journalists, playing to the anti-American sympathies of some members of that audience. Between the accounts of the folks in the room and his infamous similar comments elsewhere, it™s not looking good for him. To accuse soldiers of committing murder is no small thing. An executive who does so, and then can™t produce any evidence, turns his major international news network into 

 well, al-Jazeera in English.

True. And well said. It seems as though this story is gathering steam. It will be interesting to see Eason's next move.

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