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February 14, 2005

The Cover Up

More video, courtesy of Trey from Jackson's Junction. CNN runs two segments, Bitten by Blogs and Inside the Blogs and looks at blogs and the Eason Jordan affair. CNN quotes a blog called Viewpoint to promote the meme that Easongate was "a successfully executed witch-hunt". My apologies to David of Viewpoint, but I've never heard of your site, and CNN used your post to promote their predetermined notion of a blogospheric lynch mob. You have been used by CNN as the conservative voice to criticise those who seek the truth. Perhaps if CNN wanted to cover Easongate, they might want to go to, oh I don't know, a blog called Easongate?

CNN did take the time to instruct viewers on how to donate to the Democratic National Committee via Daily Kos' website (this was edited out of this clip).

When covering Easongate, there was no mention of the tape that has been suppressed and that both CNN and Eason Jordan have declined to ask for the tape from the WEF. Instead of a "witch-hunt", perhaps CNN should be discussing a cover up.

That's OK, because if the media will not ask for the tape, we will. Very soon, in fact.

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