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February 8, 2005

The Campaign

It appears Eason Jordan and CNN will not move to call for the release of the tapes at Davos, and Mr. Jordan's comments alone are insufficient to resolve this issue.

We would like to encourage you to contact CNN's advertisers to make them aware that CNN's executive vice president and chief news executive has accused American servicemen of intentionally targeting journalists in the past, and has very likely done so within the past two weeks.

The Staff of Easongate also requests your assistance. We can use help with gathering information on CNN's advertisers. If you would update this post with the advertiser's name and contact information (website, mailing address and email address, preferably that of their public relations officer) this would assist us in gathering a list.

We will make this list available to the readers under the "CNN Advertisers" tab in the toolbar above. Please give us some time to compile the list and make it available.

We encourage you to write a letter or email these advertisers to inform them of this situation and express your concerns. Please be courteous and respectful at all times.

Update the "Emails to CNN" link with your emails or writen letters to CNN.

Also, please be sure to sign the petition.

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