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February 10, 2005

Senators Dodd and Allen Call for Tape

Senator Chris Dodd, who was in attendance at Davos, demands the release of the tapes:

"It seems to me that he ought to be the first one to say, 'Let's get the tape out,' so we can put an end to these rumors if in fact his interpretation of what he was trying to say in accurate," Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., told radio host Don Imus on Thursday....

"I presume Eason Jordan's job may be on the line over this....The best answer for him is to get that information out so you and others can watch it and draw your own conclusions about it."

Senator George Allen also requests the tapes be released:

"I guarantee if any other official or person, a public official, made a statement like that, even if they were retracting it, they would say 'Hey, this is recorded, this is taped.' I think we ought to see what he said," Allen told Cybercast News Service....

At a Wednesday night press dinner in Washington, D.C., Allen worried about the impact that Jordan's allegations may have around the globe. "Now the troops are going to read this, they are going to know about it. This is in the blogsophere," Allen said.

When asked how international media and enemies of the U.S. may react to Jordan's allegations, Allen said, "I don't know what Al Jazeera or any of these terrorists or any of them have done with this, but you can be sure that any of the folks that are enemies of freedom, enemies of the United States, enemies of the right of Israel to exist, will use this to say, 'Oh, look at these Americans, look at how awful they are, they are not for a free press, they shoot them.' Which of course is an absolute falsehood, but there is the potential for that."

Relent and release the tape.

(Thanks to reader Zach for the links.)

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