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February 10, 2005

Scarborough Mentions Eason Again

On the very last segment of Scarborough country this evening, Joe Scarborough did a piece highlighting the fact that several members of the armed forces were given a spontaneous standing ovation in a House committee meeting today. From the footage, it looked as though the ovation began in the audience. As the camera panned around the room, giving a bird's eye view from behind and above the audience, Scarborough asked viewers to note that the only people in attendance not standing or applauding were the journalists. Scarborough then said that this is of course because Eason Jordan told them that the military targets journalists.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Scarborough and Kudlow are the only TV personalities to mention this issue twice.

Here's an idea for an enterprising TV journalist out there -- maybe one at a local affiliate, not a major station: Why don't you stop Jordan on the street somewhere and ask him what he said and why. Get it on camera. Shouldn't be that hard to find the guy. Just look for gatherings of VIPs in Atlanta or Davos. Someboddy was able to stop Rather on the street, why not Jordan? Even if he only rides in limos, he has to get out and walk to the door of the building sometime. I'm not calling for confrontation or harassment -- just do a hasty interview of the guy. Put it up on your pre-national news program and it will be everywhere in 30 seconds. There is a large and growing market of people who want to know more about this story.

Every time normal people are in the news, the press camps out in front of their homes and hounds them into the ground, completely disrupting their daily lives. Jordan gets a pass from this?

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