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February 8, 2005

"Off the Record"

Sisyphus reports that Mark Adams will not release the tape from Davos as the session was "off the record" (excerpted, read the entire post):

Sisyphus: Has anyone contacted you asking you not to release the tape?

Mark Adams: No.

All participants in this session - and the vast majority of all sessions taking place in Davos - understand that the session is 'off the record' and that whilst the general 'tenor' of the conversation can be discussed - no quotes are attributable. Hence it is not just this session but all sessions where we undertake not to release detailed accounts. To release a tape or transcript would be as you can see a breach of trust with participants - who agree to take part under the above conditions.

CNN and Eason Jordan have not requested the tape, nor does it appear they have any interest in doing so. Would Eason Jordan object to releasing the tape?

Please sign the newly released petition. This is but a first step in our efforts to get the tape released. More to come soon.

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