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February 9, 2005


Rony Abovitz wrote a post yesterday that blasted the MSM and Eason harshly. He did a great job.

Here are some excerpts:

Did Eason backtrack his statements on his own or was he forced to rethink his position?

In Gergen's statement he says "Jordan realized as soon as the words had left his mouth that he had gone too far and walked himself back." I have the greatest respect for David Gergen, but he is being too kind. Jordan walked himself back because he was pushed back, and pushed back hard. It was an outrage to watch in the flesh the process of big media at work, this massaging of facts and distortion of reality to meet the needs of a specific group of news consumers. It was an outrage because these distortions fuel the minds of entire regions of the world, which propagates hatred, bias, and war.
In discussing his views about how news is disseminated among the viewers, he notes that news companies look for maximum profitability by targeting audiences with certain content that would be more to the viewers liking. He then made this observation about Eason:
This is exactly what Eason was doing. Eason gave me his CNN business card after the talk. The back of his card is in Arabic, even though he is based in Atlanta. There is nothing wrong with Arabic - it is a beautiful, expressive language with a rich, wonderful, deep culture. But it is not hard to understand, or guess at, Eason's most lucrative potential audience. The news is being shaped, and it is time to say, "Enough!".
That™s why the blogosphere is here. The people have had enough and now its time to do something about it. In just 4 days I have started to see just how powerful this medium can be. To those who believe this story has no legs, I respectfully disagree. Eason has something to worry about.

Rony ends his piece with this:

The outrage of Senator Dodd is well taken, but will Easongate end here, or will it ultimately target the source? Will anyone join me in saying "Enough!"?

We are here with you Rony. We have had enough! And no, it does not end here.

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