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February 6, 2005

MSM Journos Unlikely to Cover Story Because They Need Davos Access

Wizbang links to a story about Davos 98 with this telling paragraph:

Conference expenses are easily covered by membership dues and attendance fees. Each Davos forum now nets approximately $12 million, which is re-invested in the "non-profit" WEF foundation. Membership in the WEF costs around $12,000 ($15,000 for banks), and attendance fees for the 1997 Davos forum came in at $7,200. Fees for the 1998 forum were higher than ever, although journalists and politicians were invited free of charge. (And any journalist knows the implications of a free lunch, let alone a free ticket to hobnob at Davos. Don't expect to find any critical coverage of the event from the establishment media.)

For a rather amusing take on what it feels like to be at Davos, see this abstract for The Harvard Business Review Case Study, "Left on a Mountainside." Like a tactical decision game for a CEO. What do you do now, CEO? Funny stuff.

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