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February 14, 2005

Misguided parenting and the MSM

I've been a parent for 4 years now. So I know what I'm talking about when I make this analogy.

I've met parents that have children who, in their eyes, can do no wrong. They are quick to defend their delinquent kid without knowing the circumstances and sometimes go so far as to blame others for provoking the bad behavior. Their feelings for their child cloud their sensibilities and better judgment in almost any given situation. Now it appears as though the MSM is doing the same thing with the Eason Jordan story.

Today, the WSJ (and others) has come to the defense of Mr. Jordan and claims that the blogoshpere is out of line.

That may be old-fashioned damage control. But it does not speak well of CNN that it apparently allowed itself to be stampeded by this Internet and talk-show crew. Of course the network must be responsive to its audience and ratings. But it has other obligations, too, chief among them to show the good judgment and sense of proportion that distinguishes professional journalism from the enthusiasms and vendettas of amateurs.

No doubt this point of view will get us described as part of the "mainstream media." But we'll take that as a compliment since we've long believed that these columns do in fact represent the American mainstream. We hope readers buy our newspaper because we make grown-up decisions about what is newsworthy, and what isn't.

Those who believe we have gone to far seem to ignore the fact that we never asked for Eason's resignation had he been innocent. We asked for his resignation if indeed the reports of his statements were true. Since we have no tape, only a myriad of witnesses, we can only assume his quitting is an admission of guilt.

If you ask me It is the MSM that lacks good judgment and an enthusiasm for the truth. Eason's offense of slandering our troops was first buried by the MSM and now defended just like a misguided mother. Shame on them.

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