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February 14, 2005

Easongate on the Radio, Round 5

I will be on "The Kevin McCullough Show" at 1:20 PM Eastern today to discuss the status of the Eason Jordan affair and the open question of an outstanding videotape from the WEF. You can listen to the live audio stream here. The show can be heard in the following markets:

AM 570 WMCA - New York City * Connecticut * Rhode Island
AM 970 WWDJ - New York * New Jersey * Pennsylvania * Delaware

Kevin McCullough has been following this story closely and has blogged about it as well at Crosswalk.com. From his latest post on the media campaign against bloggers and the importance of blogs:

The point being that journalists should see themselves as the agitators that the Constitution guaranteed the protection of. To probe, question, and dig - in other words to find the facts - are what the Constitution wished to protect. The fact that the MSM now often times seems more pre-occupied with "self-protection" as opposed to the "public's right to know" is what has caused the immense interest in these little web-logs....

For the New York Times, even the establishment at the WSJ or any other media to chirp, demean or otherwise attempt to discredit citizen journalism only serves to reinforce its need to exist - and simply motivates its purveyors to work harder, better, and even more quickly to fact-check the MSM in to oblivion.

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