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February 6, 2005

Eason Jordan, CNN's Coverup and a Call to Arms

This is the post from Bill Roggio that inspired the creation of Easongate.com...

Like many other bloggers, I have received the "canned" reply from CNN, attempting to clarify Mr. Jordan™s statements:

Eason was attempting to speak out on an issue that is important to news organizations all over the world. Unfortunately, he was not clear enough in explaining his assertion. He was responding to an assertion that all 63 journalists killed in Iraq were "collateral damage." While the majority of the 63 journalists killed in Iraq have been killed by insurgents, the Pentagon has acknowledged that the U.S. military on occasion has killed people who turned out to be journalists. Mr. Jordan emphatically does not believe that the U.S. Military intended to kill journalists and believes these accidents to be cases of "mistaken identity."

I have sent the following reply, which I copied to several bloggers:

Hello CNNia Administrator,

Release the videotape and a transcript of Mr. Jordan's comments at Davos, and I will be convinced. Until then your apologetic is unconvincing and insulting. Several bloggers in attendance heard otherwise, and based on Mr. Jordan's history, I am inclined to agree with them.

Mr. Jordan has a long history of demeaning the US military and accusing them of targeting journalists. As a former soldier I am personally insulted. Perhaps CNN should launch an investigation into his statements. Your association with Mr. Jordan can be very damaging to your credibility and reputation.

I have suspended citing CNN as a source of material in my weblog, which is viewed by over 1,500 people a day, until I am convinced CNN is honest in getting to the bottom of this story. My readers typically follow the links through on my posts to read my sources. I have copied other bloggers in an attempt to convince them to do the same. Hopefully this will create a noticeable impact on your site hits and give your advertisers pause.

Also, I have begun to compile a list of CNN advertisers and will put together a letter to make them aware of this situation unless I see results.

We demand the transcript of Davos and nothing less.

Kindest Regards,

Bill Roggio

Captain Ed at Captain™s Quarters documents Mr. Jordan™s past statements concerning the United States and Israeli militaries™ intentionally targeting and torturing journalists.

I typically shy away from activism as it is not in my constitution, however Eason Jordan™s statements at Davos accusing American soldiers of intentionally targeting journalists cannot stand. I am requesting the following assistance from readers and fellow bloggers:

- Anyone who would like to assist with compiling a list of CNN™s advertisers, please email me or place a comment in the comments section. We can work as a team on compiling a list. Also, if anyone has experience in contacting advertisers to make them aware of situations such as this, I would appreciate your assistance in organizing this effort.

- I am requesting all bloggers who are unhappy with Mr. Jordan™s statements and CNN™s reply to remove CNN from your news source links and halt citing CNN as a source of news. If you wish, please link to this post to let your readers be aware of the effort to convince CNN of making Mr. Jordan™s statements public. This would also help me organize the effort as no doubt there are readers out there experienced in conducting these activities.

If it turns out I have misinterpreted Mr. Jordan™s statements upon a review of the transcript, I will post a public apology, as is only fair. If I have not taken Mr. Jordan™s statements out of context, then we must demand CNN act to rectify this situation, and organize a public boycott if they will not.

The only way we will get at the truth of this issue is if CNN releases the videotape and transcript of the Davos conference. Our military men and women serving this great nation deserve no less.


Sisyphus at Sisyphean Musings states that Mark Adams, Director of Media at the World Economic Forum (Davos), is cutting a copy of the tape and sending it to him. Best of luck, Sisyphus.

Also, is the University of Colorado "about to sell Ward Churchill down the river"? Robert Hayes of Let's Try Freedom seems to think so, and he has a letter from the University of Colorado that suggests just that.

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