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February 9, 2005

Don't Do Me No Favors, Danny

Johnny Dollar's Place has the transcript of the Danny Schechter and Brent Bozell debate of Easongate on Hannity and Colmes. Jackson's Junction has the video. Danny Schechter, director of WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception, attempts to defend Eason Jordan. At least we think so, it is so difficult to tell:

COLMES: Well what did Eason Jordan say?

SCHECHTER: Eason Jordan basically said that he would rather not talk about it any more. He said that he was not as clear as he wanted to be. And he raised the question, the possibility, that as many as 12 journalists were somehow targeted or killed by American military.

COLMES: But he went on to clarify--

SCHECHTER: He didn't go on to say that it was the American soldiers that did it, that there was, implying in a sense that there was a policy of some kind to target journalists in Iraq. And there are many journalists in Iraq who believe that.

Of course Mr. Jordan "would rather not talk about it any more". Would you? Did Eason Jordan say American soldiers targeted and killed journalists, or didn't he? Danny Schechter says yes and no. Or have we taken this out of context too?

Sean Hannity presses Mr. Schechter on the issue of targeting journalists:

HANNITY: You're saying that our troops are targeting journalists?

SCHECHTER: Not our troops, that there's been a policy that has favored imbedded journalists over independent journalists--

HANNITY: By who?

SCHECHTER: --that many Arab journalists are hassled, harassed, and killed in Iraq under suspicious circumstances.

HANNITY: Do you have--but that's not what he said--do you have any evidence? Because here's what's happening here--

SCHECHTER: Yeah, I have some evidence. I have some evidence.

His "evidence"?

SCHECHTER: You're arguing--Eason Jordan was offering an opinion about what he believed. I made a film, Weapons of Mass Deception, WMD, and it features a section about, and asks the question were journalists targeted. Were they targeted? And many people believe they were.

Two interesting points here: (1) he states Eason Jordan did indeed offer his opinion that American troops are targeting journalists - he "believed" this; (2) Mr. Schechter likens vague innuendo and lack of evidence to evidentiary proof. If Mr. Jordan or Mr. Schechter wants to believe Americans soldiers are taking shots at reporters, real evidence does not matter. Sean Hannity has the perfect rebuttal to this holistic driven journalism: Many people believe. I think. I feel.

Eason Jordan must cringe every time a Danny Schechter rises to his defense. His arguments are incoherent, rooted in conspiracy theory and devoid of any factual basis. An incomplete or insufficient investigation is offered up as proof of malice. Not very convincing for those of us interested in viewing the tape of Davos.

Perhaps Mr. Jordan would have preferred Mr. Schechter stayed home.

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