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February 6, 2005

Dealing with the mob

The question about whether or not we (specifically easongate.com) are using this blog with a mob mentality needs to be addressed. When I hear the term "mob" I think of irrational people charging after Frankenstein with pitch forks and torches. In the blogosphere it would manifest itself as a bunch of unreasonable people foaming at the keyboard writing expletives and demanding idiotic and unfair concessions to be made. For an example of an angry blog mob look no further than the Democratic Underground or those asking for General Mattis™s resignation.

What we are asking for is resonable and necessary. It is necessary to come to the aid of our military men and women when accusations like this come up. It is also necessary to find out what the truth is. In case you missed the purpose of this blog, read it again. This is an attempt to get CNN and Eason to come clean and act accordingly with the truth.

Does anyone reading this post actually believe Eason would be held accountable for his comments if the blogosphere did not press the issue? The truth is the blogoshpere made it an issue and once again we are dragging the MSM kicking and screaming into relevancy.

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