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February 8, 2005

Back to Davos

Rony Abovitz, the blogger who broke the Eason Jordan story at Davos, has a thoughtful essay on the Easongate situation and the state of the media. He looks at the statements made by those in attendance, and this particular view of David Gergen pretty much confirms my suspicions yesterday that Mr. Gergen's account is "positive spin":

In Gergen's statement he says "Jordan realized as soon as the words had left his mouth that he had gone too far and walked himself back." I have the greatest respect for David Gergen, but he is being too kind. Jordan walked himself back because he was pushed back, and pushed back hard. It was an outrage to watch in the flesh the process of big media at work, this massaging of facts and distortion of reality to meet the needs of a specific group of news consumers. It was an outrage because these distortions fuel the minds of entire regions of the world, which propagates hatred, bias, and war. The unrestricted influence the media has on world and regional opinions and views is without parallel.

Rony also asks if the demand for media responsibility ends with Easongate, or is this just the beginning?

We need a change. Start with Eason, but don't stop. Much of the house is rotten....will Easongate end here, or will it ultimately target the source?

These questions are beyond the purview of this blog. Many bloggers, me included, have gotten in the business because of the media's skewed presentation of the facts, the manipulation thereof or outright blackouts of news that does not conform to their agendas. Most bloggers do not sacrifice their time and money to get rich or obtain fame. The Staff of Easongate has not set up this site for political purposes, notoriety or because we have some ax to grind with CNN. The Staff of Easongate is beholden to no one - not advertisers, audiences or nations that will pull our coverage unless we suppress the real news.

We created Easongate because we are outraged at Eason Jordan's purported statements, and demand a full accounting from both him and CNN. Easongate is but one small battle in the fight for the demand for media responsibility and integrity. Other fights will emerge, and other bloggers will rise to man the barricades. It's what we do.

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