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Foreign jihadists involved in Hama fighting

Several foreign jihadist groups have joined rebel opposition units to help combat regime advances in the northern Hama countryside.

Palestinian militia reports high number of fatalities on Syria’s frontlines

Much like other theaters in Syria, the pro-regime Palestinian militia appears to be playing an integral role in northern Hama.

In Photos: The Houthi fundraising campaign for Hezbollah

Both photos and videos clearly show Yemeni people donating money to support Hezbollah, despite the current hardships plaguing Yemen.

Yemen’s Houthis fundraise for Hezbollah

The fundraising campaign comes on the heels of increased US sanctions against Lebanese Hezbollah.

IRGC-controlled Iraqi group threatens to retaliate if US strikes

The second-in-command of the IRGC-controlled, Iraqi Harakat al Nujaba has threatened to attack US targets in the Middle East if…

Yemen’s Houthis claim drone strikes on Saudi pipeline

The confirmed use of armed drones to target major oil pipelines deep within Saudi Arabia represents a major increase in…

Islamic State releases photos from DRC

The photos show more evidence of ties between militants in the DRC and the Islamic State.

KUBN claims killing of Tunisian soldier

AQIM's Uqba bin Nafi battalion has now claimed two attacks this month, tying the number of its total attacks for…