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Taliban say (yet again) they’re not talking

More talk of talk between the Taliban (or other bad guy) elements and the Afghan government, this time in the Maldives: Rival Afghan figures have held a final day of unofficial talks in the Maldives islands, aimed at resolving the continuing crisis in Afghanistan. The meeting at the Paradise tourist resort island took place on […]

Taliban: Next Afghan push coming Monday

A new statement from the Taliban’s info-machine (Voice of Jihad English site – non-terrorist site) gives a heads-up about a new operation, “Al-Faath,” allegedly kicking off May 10. The last announcement of a new operation (“Nasrat”) came almost exactly a year ago (via, or PDF from non-terrorist site). It was a reasonably short statement […]

Taliban’s Mullah Omar ready to retire? Not so fast!

The UK’s Sunday Times threw this one out there this weekend: The supreme leader of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar, has indicated that he and his followers may be willing to hold peace talks with western politicians. In an interview with The Sunday Times, two of the movement’s senior Islamic scholars have relayed a message […]

Taliban lies update: US troops as drug runners

Some great whoppers to share from one of the latest statements by the Taliban (pro-Taliban web page link here, non-terrorist site here). This time, an alleged Taliban commander in Kandahar calling himself “Tahir Afghan” is supposedly speaking to, a pro-Taliban web page carrying Taliban and other jihadi/terrorist statements. ‘US troops as drug runners’ (while […]

Taliban reading the papers, offering wish list?

The latest statement/commentary on the Taliban’s Voice of Jihad English-language web site [click here for copy at] shows that the Taliban info-machine is reading the papers. In painting the US as the bully in the neighborhood, not just in Afghanistan, the Taliban draw the eye to current news stories such as concerns about how […]

Short and sharp from the Taliban on Obama’s visit

The latest commentary from the Taliban’s Voice of Jihad English site (PDF via here) is pretty biting – here it is in its entirety [emphasis mine]: By making a 6-hour unannounced trip to Afghanistan last night, Obama proved that his military strategy and surge of 30,000 troops, his morale-boosting propaganda, all have failed to […]

Taliban: Karzai talks, US colonizes?

First, the newest messaging twist from the Taliban’s latest commentary (Voice of Jihad English and PDF at non-terrorist site), summarized in haiku: Karzai, the puppet, talks jirga, lets USA be colonial. From the statement: He makes his assertion about reconciliation in every forum and gathering even in a gathering in Uruzgan a few days ago, […]

Taliban still say they’re not talking

One of the Taliban’s latest statements (Voice of Jihad English, and PDF at non-terrorist site) comes as a response to outgoing United Nations uber-envoy for Afghanistan Kai Eide being underwhelmed at Pakistan’s arrest of senior Taliban official Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, and the subsequent wrench that it allegedly threw into backroom talks under way. This […]