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Yemen spirals toward disintegration

Yemen is plagued by war in the North, civil unrest in the South, and terrorist attacks in the capital. The opposition is threatening to boycott elections as civil liberties decline and the government supports extremists.

Al Qaeda in Yemen: mercenaries or terrorists?

Yemen is a hotbed for al Qaeda activities in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. The current government fosters and deploys Islamic extremists as mercenaries and as a tool of foreign policy, according to Yemeni observers.

Yemeni Mobilizes Military to Quell Riots

The Yemeni government has rounded up opposition political leaders in response to several days of riots. The military is in the streets as newspapers and media outlets are being shut down.

Massive protest in south Yemen

Jane Novak reports on Monday’s protest in Dhalie, including a call for “southern liberation,” and offers background on southern Yemen shedding some light on current North-South relations.