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Reflections on the al Qaeda plot in Europe

Earlier today, I served as a panelist at an FDD event on the current warnings about an al Qaeda plot in Europe. The panel, moderated by Clifford D. May, also featured Frank Cilluffo of George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute and Tom Joscelyn of both FDD and LWJ. This entry is excerpted from my […]

New HSPI report on foreign fighters

Yesterday I attended the launch event for a new report published by George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute. (Full disclosure: I am a 2010 Senior Fellow at HSPI.) The report, entitled Foreign Fighters: Trends, Trajectories & Conflict Zones, is co-authored by Frank Cilluffo, Jeffrey Cozzens, and Magnus Ranstorp, and can be downloaded here. Though […]

Critical questions regarding the role of foreign fighters in Shabaab

Earlier today I served as a panelist at the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s annual conference on foreign fighters, discussing the phenomenon in Somalia. The panel discussion was based around Ambassador (ret.) David Shinn’s forthcoming paper on foreign fighters in Somalia; since it is still a work in progress, the paper is not yet available online. […]

Is ‘constructive disengagement’ the solution in Somalia?

On Thursday, Joshua Foust published an article at PBS’s Need to Know that, though avoiding the term “constructive disengagement,” mirrors the arguments advanced by Bronwyn Bruton’s report for CFR, and those made by Fareed Zakaria in the wake of the bombings al Shabaab executed in Uganda. Though constructive disengagement is often advanced as a minor-league […]

New Zawahiri tape eulogizes Mustafa Abu al Yazid

Ayman al Zawahiri has issued a new 47-minute audio tape with accompanying imagery eulogizing Mustafa Abu al Yazid, a major al Qaeda financial chief whose death has been previously reported by the The Long War Journal, as well as numerous other outlets. Some highlights from the tape [translations from Open Source Center]: Delegitimizing mainstream clerics. […]

‘Rhetoric and Reality,’ and our understanding of the rule of law

Last month, Marc Lynch published a report for the Center for a New American Security, Rhetoric and Reality: Countering Terrorism in the Age of Obama. The report is a worthy contribution to public discussion of the Obama administration’s counterterrorism policies, outlining the early contours of the administration’s strategy and tracing its continuity with the Bush […]

Vigilance in an age of constrained resources

Let me begin by saying that the reports about large numbers of Somalis being brought into the US illegally are genuinely alarming. Despite that, my interview on Fox Business Channel last night represented a recognizable (though highly entertaining!) descent into insanity. Watch for yourself: I thought it was worth making a few points about this […]