Author: Caleb Weiss

Caleb Weiss is a contributor to FDD's Long War Journal.

Uzbek group shows spoils from Afghan base

Katibat Imam al Bukhari released two sets of photos this month showing captured weapons from overran Afghan military posts.

Shabaab targets local government headquarters with suicide bombing

Today's suicide bombing on a district headquarters in Mogadishu comes only a week after a similar attack on another district…

Hezbollah commemorates last year’s joint operation with Lebanese, Syrian militaries

Despite official Lebanese claims to the contrary, the photos recently released by Hezbollah offer more evidence of how its forces…

France kills top Islamic State in the Greater Sahara commander in northern Mali

In a military operation yesterday, the French reportedly killed a top Tuareg commander for the Islamic State in the Greater…

Islamic State releases photos from deadly raid on military base near Lake Chad

The Islamic State's West African province has gone on a recent spate of assaults on military bases in northeastern Nigeria.

State designates Iran-based Bahraini militant as terrorist

This now makes two Iranian-based leaders of Bahraini militant group Saraya al Ashtar, or the Al Ashtar Brigades, to be…

Veteran Malian jihadist surrenders to Algeria

Sultan Ould Bady, a veteran jihadist within various al Qaeda groups in Mali and later the Islamic State in the…

Shabaab claims deadly IED blast in Kenya

Shabaab continues to claim deadly attacks on Kenyan Defense Forces inside Kenya despite military operations against it.