Monthly Archives: June 2015

Shabaab assaults African Union base

More than 50 troops from Burundi are reported to have been killed. The attack comes just one week after Shabaab killed at least 60 Ethiopian troops in another attack in southern Somalia.

Treasury designates Taliban liaison to al Qaeda

Prior to his capture in July 2014, Maulawi Abdul Rashid Baluch was a senior Taliban member whose activities ranged from waging guerrilla warfare against NATO and Afghan forces to narcotics trafficking. Rashid also served as a liaison to al Qaeda, arranging “planning meetings” between senior Taliban leaders and al Qaeda members in Karachi, Pakistan.

Islamic State suffers losses in provincial home of the ‘caliphate’

Kurdish forces and fighters from the Free Syrian Army have seized a military base and a town just 30 miles north of the city of Raqqa, which is the seat of the Islamic State’s so-called “caliphate.” The losses are problematic for the Islamic State, which claims that its territorial rule is “remaining and expanding.”

Suicide bombers strike Maiduguri

Continuing its offensive against Maiduguri, Boko Haram is suspected of launching two bomb attacks in the Borno state capital on Monday. Over 30 people were killed as two female suicide bombers targeted a popular market.