Hayat Boumedienne, the at-large suspect in the Paris attacks, was in Turkey on Jan. 2 and crossed into Syria on Jan. 8, according to Turkish authorities. An airstrike targeting an Islamic State headquarters by the US-led coalition may have killed at least 50 civilians, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights; US officials said they saw “no evidence of civilian casualties,” but will investigate. The US-led coalition conducted 22 airstrikes in Syria since Jan. 9; 20 targeted various Islamic State positions near Kobane, while one destroyed Islamic State vehicles, supplies and personnel near Abu Kamal, and one destroyed “ISIL guard facilities” near Al Hasakah. The death toll from two car bomb attacks that targeted separate Al Nusrah and Kurdish positions in Aleppo province on Jan. 10 has risen to 20.

Bill Ardolino :

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