Deputy emir of Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan reportedly killed in US drone strike

Sajna Mehsud, the deputy emir of the Movement of the Taliban in Paksitan and the…

Bill Roggio

Treasury Department sanctions 3 jihadist facilitators based in Pakistan

The US Treasury Department designated three jihadist facilitators who work for Sheikh Aminullah, a key…

Thomas Joscelyn

US conducted a record 131 airstrikes in Yemen last year

The United States conducted 131 counterterrorism strikes in Yemen, CENTCOM told FDD's Long War Journal.

Bill Roggio & Alexandra Gutowski

US launches airstrikes on Taliban training camps

The camps were used by the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and other terrorist groups.

Bill Roggio

US conducts 10 counterterrorism strikes in Yemen

US forces conducted a record 120 strikes in Yemen in 2017 and appears to be…

Bill Roggio & Alexandra Gutowski

Palestinian jihadist group in Syria issues call to arms to refugee camp in Lebanon

The leader of Saraya Ghuraba Filistin invites Lebanese jihadists, and specifically other Palestinians in the…

Caleb Weiss

At its Umar Khattab training camp, Taliban trains in the snow

The Taliban previously publicized this training facility in a video that was released in July…

Bill Roggio

Pakistani Taliban claims 2 suicide bombings

The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for two suicide bombings this month, one in Balochistan…

Thomas Joscelyn