State designates Iran-based Bahraini militant as terrorist

This now makes two Iranian-based leaders of Bahraini militant group Saraya al Ashtar, or the Al Ashtar Brigades, to be…

Caleb Weiss

Taliban seizes second district in Ghazni as provincial capital remains contested

The current fighting in and around Ghazni City indicates that the Taliban has a detailed plan to tie up Afghan…

Bill Roggio

Taliban routs Afghan Commandos while overrunning remote district in Ghazni

Between 40 and 100 Afghan Army Commandos are reported to have been killed as the Taliban overran Ajristan district in…

Bill Roggio

Veteran Malian jihadist surrenders to Algeria

Sultan Ould Bady, a veteran jihadist within various al Qaeda groups in Mali and later the Islamic State in the…

Caleb Weiss

Ghazni City remains under assault, despite RS assurances

Resolute Support initially described the attack on Ghazni City as a "failed attempt" that would be used by the press…

Bill Roggio

Ghazni City up for grabs after coordinated Taliban assault

Both the Afghan government (and Resolute Support) and the Taliban claim they control the city. The Afghan government and Resolute…

Bill Roggio

Did IRGC commander say Houthis were ordered to strike tankers?

An Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander confirmed for the first time that the Yemeni Ansar Allah (Houthis) struck targets…

Amir Toumaj

Shabaab claims deadly IED blast in Kenya

Shabaab continues to claim deadly attacks on Kenyan Defense Forces inside Kenya despite military operations against it.

Caleb Weiss