Peace with the Taliban will not be peaceful

The Taliban is more than happy to negotiate the terms of US withdrawal — but if and only if an…

Bill Roggio

Islamic State warns Shabaab of impending battle in Somalia

The Islamic State warns Shabaab that it will respond to the group's campaign targeting Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's loyalists in…

Thomas Joscelyn and Caleb Weiss

Losing a war in Afghanistan

Thomas Joscelyn, Bill Roggio, Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Donati, and FDD founder and president Clifford D. May discuss the…

The LWJ Editors

JNIM claims suicide bombing in northern Mali

Monday's suicide bombing in Gao was the first claimed suicide bombing of JNIM since July.

Caleb Weiss

Analysis: Coalition, Iraqi forces target Islamic State leaders and fighters

The US-led coalition and Iraqi forces recently hunted down senior Islamic State personnel responsible for "overseeing operations conducted within Salah…

Thomas Joscelyn

US Treasury adds Qods Force, Hezbollah officials to list of global terrorists

While the Treasury designation focuses on the four Iraqis' links to Hezbollah, which is described as "a terrorist proxy for…

Bill Roggio

Taliban routs commando company in one of Afghanistan’s most secure rural districts

Another company of the elite Special Forces commandos was overrun, this time in the once impenetrable district of Jaghuri in…

Bill Roggio

At Moscow conference, Taliban refers to itself as the “Islamic Emirate” 61 times

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is the name of the Taliban's government before the US deposed it after the Sept.…

Bill Roggio