Shabaab launches another attack on US and partner forces

In response, the United States conducted a defensive airstrike which killed 18 terrorists. The United States has conducted a total…

Bill Roggio & Alexandra Gutowski

Islamic State video allegedly shows perpetrators of attack on Iranian military parade

The Islamic State's Amaq News Agency has released a short video allegedly showing three of the men responsible for yesterday's…

Thomas Joscelyn

Gunmen attack military parade in southwestern Iran

Gunmen attacked an Iranian military parade in Ahvaz earlier today. Initial reports say two dozen or more people were killed…

Thomas Joscelyn

Iran state media eulogize IRGC Special Forces member, cleric killed in Syria

Iranian state media eulogized a special forces member and a cleric who were recently killed in Syria.

Amir Toumaj

Analysis: Tehran’s push to force US exit from Iraq

While Iranian-backed parties are moving to form a government in Baghdad that could force the US to exit the country,…

Amir Toumaj

Somalia remains ‘a terrorist safe haven,’ State notes

Al Qaeda's branch in East Africa "still maintained control over large portions of the country" and "retained the ability to…

Bill Roggio

Uzbek group shows spoils from Afghan base

Katibat Imam al Bukhari released two sets of photos this month showing captured weapons from overran Afghan military posts.

Caleb Weiss

Taliban videos shows fighters occupying base, outposts in Afghan north

Yet again, the Taliban has another propaganda video that shows its fighters occupying a military base and several security outposts…

Bill Roggio