4 Threat Matrix: IMU video shows attack in Pakistan's 'Tribal Areas'

Written by Bill Roggio on October 25, 2012 9:04 AM to 4 Threat Matrix

Available online at: http://www.longwarjournal.org/threat-matrix/archives/2012/10/imu_video_shows_attack_in_paki.php

The latest video from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan includes a clip of an attack on what appear to be Pakistani security forces in the "Tribal Areas." The video clip, posted above, was provided by the SITE Intelligence Group. The video is interesting, as the IMU has provided two perspectives of its attack. Below is SITE's description of the video.

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) released the tenth episode in its "What's Happening in the Tribal Areas" series, featuring a lecture by one of its scholars, Abu Dher Azzam, about the fighters' success against the enemy, and showing an attack. The IMU released the Uzbek-language video on its website on October 15, 2012, and a version with English subtitles was posted on jihadist forums on October 19. Abu Dher's lecture discusses not just the situation of the fighters in the tribal areas of Pakistan, but in Africa as well, noting that jihad has come to countries including Mali, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia and Tanzania.

Additionally, Abu Dher's comments on the state of the jihad in North and East Africa are worth noting, as they show that the IMU, which is often (incorrectly) described as a local Islamist group focused on jihad in Central Asia, is paying attention to the situation well beyond the Afghan-Pakistan theater. Below is Abu Dher's statement, as translated by the SITE Intelligence Group:

"One American reporter wrote: We invaded Afghanistan to finish white and yellow Talibs, to finish different color Talibs, but when we looked behind us, black Talibs have risen up from Somalia.

"Today, from poor African countries, so many jihadi fronts have opened that we didn't even know or could not have imagined that it is troubling America. In Mali, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Somalia, there is a jihad going on, dear brothers. This is the victory of us - the mujahideen. It is the victory of the Muslims, dear brothers. Allah is giving His promise to us. Allah has promised us victory, and He is showing it to us.