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Sinai jihadists threaten to kill anyone found aiding Egypt's security forces

Al Salafiyya al Jihadiyya threatened to kill anyone found aiding Egyptian security forces currently operating in the Sinai. The jihadist group also offered those aiding the security forces a chance to repent.

Egyptian army claims successes as jihadists allege 'massacre'

The Egyptian army announced that recent operations in the Sinai have led to the arrests of numerous "terrorist elements" as well as the seizure of a variety of weaponry. A leading Sinai jihadist group contended, however, that a recent army operation killed seven civilians, including four children.

Sinai jihadists accuse Egyptian army of lying about operations, praise Sinai 'mujahideen'

A new statement by al Salafiyya al Jihadiyya denied the existence of al Qaeda in the Sinai as an organization, and accused the Egyptian army of lying about recent operations. The group noted the alleged arrest of Adel Mohammed Ibrahim and recent airstrikes, which Egyptian authorities claimed had killed at least eight militants.

Sinai jihadists threaten attacks as Egyptian army claims successes

The Egyptian army's spokesman claimed that 78 militants have been killed in recent operations in the Sinai. The remarks come a day after a Sinai-based jihadist group, which had previously said it would not target the army, threatened attacks against Egyptian security personnel.

Sinai jihadist group accuses Egyptian army of lying about operations

Egyptian army responds to jihadist charges of 'crimes' and Israeli drones

Jihadists issue report on recent Sinai events

Ansar al Sharia Egypt in the Sinai

Gaza-based Salafi jihadists conduct joint rocket attacks, Sinai jihadists suppressed

Sinai jihadists reportedly travel to Gaza to join Hamas in fight against Israel