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Jyllands-Posten journalists honoured for reporting on former PET agent

Algerian gas hostage crisis: Wired to a suicide bomber

Clinton: Benghazi was my greatest regret as secretary of state

Despite early successes, fight against extremists in Mali to be protracted

Ansar al Sharia Tunisia honors senior al Qaeda 'martyrs'

On its Facebook page this week, Ansar al Sharia Tunisia honored two senior al Qaeda leaders who have been reportedly killed. The page contains numerous posts dedicated to global jihadist causes in addition to the group's provision of social services.

General Seeks Sustained Afghan Role

Al Nusrah Front imposes sharia in eastern Syrian town

Eastern Syria has long been a haven for al Qaeda in Iraq, but now the terror group's affiliate is openly ruling a town near the Iraqi border.

IMU commander captured in northern Afghanistan

The weapons facilitator and assassinations director is the third Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander killed or captured in the Afghan north so far this year.

Sole Algerian killed by Islamists hailed as a hero

A Tale of Two Islamisms

'Darker Sides': The Vast Islamist Sanctuary of 'Sahelistan'

Omar Abdel Rahman: The push to free the imprisoned Islamist extremist

New Al-Qaeda Generation May Be Deadliest One

Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate claims 2 more suicide attacks

Al-Nusrah-Front-banner.pngThe Al Nusrah Front has claimed credit for five of the six suicide attacks that have been reported in Syria so far this year.

Yemeni military launches operation to free Western hostages held by AQAP

Kaid-al-Dhabab.jpgThree al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leaders who run operations in Baydah province and who were brothers-in-law of Anwar al Awlaki are said to be holding an Austrian and two Finnish hostages.

Pakistan still global jihad hub

Algeria hostage drama likely an inside job: Norway

Child Soldier's Tale Illustrates Mali's Dirty War

Suicide bombers strike in Kunduz and Ghazni

In Former Taliban Sanctuary, An Eerie Silence Takes Over