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Worries Mount as Syria Lures West's Muslims

'Ansarul Muhajideen' claims double suicide attack in Kurram

Al Qaeda is Back

Social Media Jihad: Ansar al Sharia Tunisia denies involvement in assassinations

Tunisian government alleges longtime jihadist involved in assassinations

boubaker el hakim.jpgTunisian officials have accused a longtime jihadist, who fought in Iraq, of being involved in two high-profile assassinations. The Tunisian government also alleged that some of the perpetrators "belong to Ansar al Sharia."

Al Nusrah Front and Ansar al Khilafah seize town near Aleppo, execute Syrian soldiers

Both groups claimed credit for overrunning the Syrian military and Hezbollah in Khan al Asal, a town where chemical weapons are reported to have been used in the past.

Qatar-funded Syrian rebel brigade backs al Qaeda groups in Syria

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant eulogizes Tunisian suicide bomber

Al-'Awni-ISIL.jpgHamza al 'Awni said that on the ground, the ISIL and the Al Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant, another al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, are "without differences."

Benghazi hero fought alongside fallen SEALs, still recovering at Walter Reed

Al-Qaeda tries to soften image with ice cream

Bringing Dr Aafia back

Jundallah claims suicide assault on ISID headquarters in Sukkur

The Taliban and al Qaeda-linked group said the attack was executed to avenge the death of Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's deputy emir, who was killed in a US drone strike in May.

'Militants' attack Pakistani ISID headquarters in Sindh

Pakistani Taliban leader discusses 'global jihad,' Syria in al Qaeda video

Asim-Umar-As-Sahab.jpgMaulana Asim Umar, a Pakistani Taliban and al Qaeda propagandist, is featured in a new message disseminated by As Sahab. Umar calls on Indian Muslims to take part in the "global jihad" and emphasizes the importance of the fight in Syria.

How Taliban brought new terror to Pakistan's Killer Mountain

Brazen Attacks at Prisons Raise Worries of Al Qaeda's Strength in Iraq

Jihadists turn to Twitter

Social Media Jihad: Ansar al Sharia Tunisia honors slain AQAP leader

Iraq jailbreak highlights al-Qaeda affiliate's ascendancy

Kurds free Qaeda-linked rebel commander in Syria after clashes