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Does the Islamic Front 'battle al Qaeda'?

Samiullah Afridi flees to Dubai after receiving threats

Al Qaeda tightens grip on western Iraq in bid for Islamic state

Jordan rearrests millennium bombings plotter

Jordanian authorities reportedly arrested Raed Hijazi in November. According to the 9/11 Commission report, Hijazi was a key member of a terrorist cell that was broken up in late 1999. The cell was planning multiple attacks in Jordan at the time.

CIA papers show Panetta spoke on bin Laden raid

Al Qaeda official says force needed to establish sharia law in Egypt

Muhammad bin Mahmoud Rabie al Bahtiyti denounced both the current regime in Egypt and the previous Muslim Brotherhood-led government. He said he hoped the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood would give its supporters the chance to "review themselves and correct their path."

How US and France are battling al Qaeda in Africa

Saudis Fearing Syrian Blowback Expand Rehab for Jihadis

Britain trains Libya's army in its fight against warlords and al Qaeda

Islamic Front fighters take over Free Syrian Army bases near Turkish border

The Islamic Front took control of Free Syrian Army warehouses that are stocked with Western supplies and that were raided by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham late last month.

Family jihad: father takes five sons to join Syrian rebels

Niger's president says Libya risks becoming like Somalia

Al Qaeda emerges amid Egypt's turmoil

Pakistani CIA informant: 'Drone attacks are the right thing to do'

Tracking Central Asians' Trails To Jihad In Syria

Beheadings and spies help al Qaeda gain ground in Syria

AQAP launches suicide assault on Yemeni defense ministry complex

A suicide bomber created a breach in the outer wall of the Ministry of Defense, and a team of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters stormed several buildings. A Western doctor and a Filipina nurse are said to have been executed during the assault that resulted in the deaths of at least 20 people.

ISIS continues to launch suicide assaults in Iraq

US Aims to Blunt Terrorist Recruiting of English Speakers

Pakistani CIA Informant: 'Drone Attacks Are the Right Thing to Do'